Travel with Purpose with Wilderness Safaris – The Noah’s Ark Project

By July 26, 2018 Press Release

As part of its ongoing campaign to celebrate 35 years of life-changing journeys, Wilderness Safaris has introduced its next Travel with Purpose itinerary, The Noah’s Ark Project. This extraordinary conservation-focused journey will give guests the opportunity to explore the exclusive North Island in Seychelles from 24 to 28 September 2018, whilst actively taking part in a survey, capture and release of the rare, endemic Seychelles white-eye. All proceeds will go directly to The Noah’s Ark Project.

When North Island was abandoned in the 1970s following the collapse of the coconut industry, many unwanted, non-indigenous and intrusive species of flora and fauna remained behind. These unwanted elements threatened the island’s indigenous plants, decimated the bird life and dried up the marshland that is the lifeblood of the island. Wilderness Safaris assumed the challenge of taking the long road towards the restoration of North Island by introducing the Noah’s Ark rehabilitation programme which has played a pivotal role in the restoration and conservation of the island’s precious biodiversity over the past 21 years.

“Whilst the Noah’s Ark Project has been a tremendous success to date, restoring the island to its former glory and paving the way for the return of at least three indigenous and threatened bird species, there is still much to be done to ensure the ongoing preservation of the island. We are therefore thrilled to support Wilderness Safaris’ Travel with Purpose campaign by hosting this exclusive itinerary on North Island in order to raise funds for the Noah’s Ark Project”, says Bruce Simpson, North Island Managing Director.

The six-day journey will be led by a variety of experts, including conservation scientist, Dr Gérard Rocamora from Island Conservation Society and Dr Darren Pietersen from SAFRING, as well as North Island’s Conservation Coordinator, Tarryn Havemann, and Environmental Manager, Carl (CJ) Havemann. In addition to actively participating in a Seychelles white-eye survey, collecting data, setting up mist nets and then capturing and releasing the birds on Grand Soeur Island, guests will be able to observe the various other conservation initiatives that make up the island’s Noah’s Ark Project, including the island’s giant Aldabra tortoises, island rehabilitation programmes and monitoring the growth in nesting sea turtles.

“All funds raised from this itinerary will be directly channelled into specific initiatives that form part of the greater Noah’s Ark Project, such as the Seychelles magpie robin introduction, Seychelles white-eye relocation, marine conservation and genetic diversity introductions. As neither North Island nor Wilderness Safaris will receive any payment or mark-up from this trip, we are looking forward to hosting like-minded conservationists who realise the importance of protecting our planet’s pristine wilderness areas, which forms part of our core values”, added North Island’s General Manager, Jonathan Lithgow, who will be hosting this Travel with Purpose journey.

The Noah’s Ark Project is one of the most ambitious island rehabilitation programmes ever undertaken by a private company and a handful of NGO partners. An entire island ecosystem that was degraded and overrun with invasive plant and animal species was restored to its original natural abundance. In an ongoing project lasting 21 years, North Island has painstakingly removed alien plant and animals, planting over 100 000 indigenous seedlings from the island’s nursery, and bringing in indigenous fauna such as the Seychelles white-eye, one of the rarest birds in the world that has been saved from extinction.

Click here for more details about The Noah’s Ark Project itinerary, or here to read more about North Island’s conservation initiatives.

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About North Island:
  • North Island is Africa’s most exclusive private island, situated 30km from the main island of Mahé, Seychelles. Extremely secluded with only 11 spacious guest villas, North Island is renowned for its luminous white beaches, filigree reefs and azure Indian Ocean.
  • North Island offers an unrivalled experience where luxury, bespoke service and a generous all-inclusive offering combine to give guests the ultimate privacy and exclusivity. On land or in water, the choices on North Island are many and varied – from cool forest trails and mountain biking to snorkelling, diving, kayaking, fishing expeditions and romantic sunset boat cruises.
  • North Island is a sanctuary where natural habitats, long neglected, were rehabilitated so that endangered Seychelles fauna and flora could be reintroduced and given a place to grow and thrive.
About Wilderness Safaris: 
  • Wilderness Safaris is Africa’s leading authentic and sustainable ecotourism operator, specialising in memorable wildlife experiences in some of the most remote and pristine areas in Africa. In this way it offers its guests private access to almost three million hectares of Africa’s finest wildlife reserves, while remaining fiercely committed to protecting our planet’s precious natural and cultural resources.
  • Wilderness Safaris operates camps and safaris in some of Africa’s best wildlife and wilderness reserves across eight countries: Botswana, Kenya, Namibia, Rwanda, Seychelles, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe.
  • Wilderness Safaris is deeply committed to its 4Cs sustainability ethos of Commerce, Community, Culture and Conservation. It firmly believes that its single most important achievement to date is to have built a sustainable business model that does not compromise environmental principles and which provides jobs, training, skills, careers, adjusted horizons, hope and a realistic alternative to less sustainable development.
  • Recognising that conservation is as much about people as about the environment, the company has pursued important goals through its Children in the Wilderness programme, as well as through the Wilderness Wildlife Trust, which have helped change the face of nature-based tourism in Africa.
  • Wilderness Safaris is part of Wilderness Holdings, a group of responsible ecotourism companies that together endeavour to use responsible tourism to build sustainable conservation economies in Africa.