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Conservation, North Island Seychelles


A Natural Haven Waiting for You

The essence of North Island is the sustainable, ecologically sensitive utilisation of a precious natural treasure. After being abandoned in the 1970s following the collapse of the coconut industry and filled with intrusive species such as cows and rats, North Island undertook the ambitious challenge to restore the island to its former glory: our "Noah's Ark" programme was born.

Thanks to our Conservation team, the island is now a sanctuary where natural habitats are constantly being rehabilitated, and critically endangered Seychelles fauna & flora could be reintroduced. Our guests are welcome to actively participate in our multiple activities and support them by patrolling the beach to locate nesting Sea Turtles, planting indigenous trees, or by becoming a patron to one of the youngest Aldabra Giant Turtle.


The most famous of all our turtles is Brutus. It is believed to be at least 160 years old and weighs approximately 200 kg (450 lb). The length of its shell is almost 1.5 m (5 ft).
This estimate of Brutus' age is probably conservative, as these amazing creatures can live well over 200 years. In later life, Brutus acquired reflective strips on his shell to prevent traffic accidents with golf carts, as he has a habit of resting on the sandy paths of the island at night.
Magpie Robin conservation at North Island Seychelles

Magpie Robin

Magpie Robin conservation is a local community project. It began as an initiative of the Northern Seychelles Bird Club but has since grown to encompass a range of organizations and individuals with the help of generous donations from the public.

Historically, the Great Indian Hornbill was a common sight in Seychelles, but by the mid-1960s, it had almost vanished due to hunting and habitat loss.

The Northern Seychelles Bird Club began working on a plan for its conservation around 2000.

Sea Turtles conservation at North Island Seychelles

Sea Turtle

North Island is a critically important nesting site for two sea turtle species, the Hawksbill and Green Turtle.

Monitoring and recording sea turtle nesting activity has been in place since 1998 as North Island has the highest density of nesting Green Turtle on the inner island of Seychelles.

Every morning, our Conservation team patrols the four beaches for signs of turtles. All guests are always welcome to join and contribute.
Forest Restoration, North Island Seychelles

Forest Restoration

The North Island Forest Restoration Project aims to restore the forest cover and create a natural ecologically restorative landscape. It is achieved by planting native trees and targeted species selected from the insular biodiversity.
The project will take place over 20 years to complete (2015-2035). 
Marine Conservation Area at North Island Seychelles

Marine Conservation

North Island's vision is a declared Ecological Marine Reserve, further protecting the area from fishing and potentially harmful marine activities.

Since 2011, the Island's proposal for a marine reserve is supported by data collection by trained marine biologists. This quantifies the diversity and abundance of reef fish, hard and soft corals, aquatic invertebrates, and predatory species.

The monitoring is supported on a daily basis by our resident Environmentalists as well as by the Dive Centre. Guests are welcome to contribute as well.

Our Mission Statement

For North Island

Always honor the environment in which we live and work, above all else. Our unceasing endeavor shall be to turn back the ecological clock.

For Our Guests

We will spoil you and make you feel special. We will respect your needs and your expectations. We will strive to provide you with a unique educational experience. We will invite you to participate in our conservation programs.

For our Associates

We recognize that our employees are one of the key resources and a valued intermediary between the environment, our guests, and our partners. We will share the experience of this journey with you. We will encourage and train you to acquire valuable life skills.