Soursop Sorbet

The tropical fruit that reminds you to not judge a book by its cover. Dark green and prickly on the outside, but once opened you are treated to the flavour profiles of a strawberry crossed with a pineapple, accented with sour citrus notes. The perfect candidate for a refreshing sorbet.


  • 450g Castor Sugar
  • 650ml Water
  • 1kg Soursop, seeded and puréed


  • Purée the soursop in a food processor until smooth.
  • Strain the puréed soursop and place into the refrigerator to chill. This step is not mandatory, but rather recommend for smooth sorbet.
  • While your purée chills, start preparing your syrup.
  • Add your castor sugar to the water in a saucepan and place over a low heat for 5 minutes. Boil the sugar syrup for 1 minute thereafter.
  • Chill the syrup in the refrigerator for 30 minutes to an hour. The syrup needs to be completely chilled.
  • Mix the syrup and soursop purée together and chill again for another 2 hours.
  • After the 2 hours of chilling, put the mixture in to the ice cream churner until its ready to scoop out.
  • Freeze for at least 3 hours before serving and garnish with a fresh mint leaf.