Perfect weather sets in

By June 30, 2015 March 29th, 2017 Destination, Landscape, Nature, North Island, Photography


June was a breathtakingly beautiful month on North with overnight rains leaving the island fresh and green each morning. The trade winds have shifted and are now blowing in a south-easterly direction which will bring milder temperatures with very little rain for the next few months.

We were excited to welcome Wayve Kolevsohn to the Island as our new sommelier. Wayve comes from a Michelin-star background and her refined style and incredible knowledge combines beautifully with the laid- back and casual Island environment, resulting in a typically ‘North’ experience – the classic contrast between rough and smooth.

The wine and drinks offering on North is far beyond what is considered the norm and we endeavour to create a bespoke and truly exceptional beverage experience, which extends as far as uniquely personalised minibars for each one of our guests.

It has been said that North Island has the most generous minibars in the world with a snack for every taste. Jars of sweets, and homemade treats from nougat and cakes to cookies and fudge will tempt the most determined of dieters, whilst a selection of fresh and stewed fruits, yogurts, and granola are the perfect refreshing snack after early morning beach walks. Freshly-baked crusty bread is replenished every day and can be tossed into the picnic basket with an assortment of pâtés, cheeses and pickles (all conveniently close by in the pantry fridge and just waiting to be sampled). Nuts, crisps, pretzels and truffles are on hand to quell any midnight snack craving and a blackboard of in-villa dining suggestions offers daily choices for something more substantial. We can even offer bespoke generosity as our chefs will happily offer to tailor each minibar to the guests’ specific tastes – the personal touch that is so typically North Island.

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