The Private Beaches of North Island

The sand on the idyllic North Island beaches feels soft and fluffy – almost like powdered sugar underfoot. The tides have been moving sand up and down the beaches on a cyclical basis for millennia, washing and refining it. Having our beach sand replaced so often means that we are always walking on fresh, uncompacted sand – it’s not uncommon to literally be the first person to walk on a beach at North Island.

East Beach
Every villa has direct, discreet access to the Island’s main beach, a ribbon of gleaming sand which runs almost the entire length of the island from the Piazza to Villa North Island.

West Beach
The West Beach bar gives the tradition of sundowners a whole new relevance and significance, as impressive Impressionist shades chase each other across the sky in the wake of the descending sun. Each day’s sunset sees the beach washed in pastel colours as you enjoy a relaxing evening cocktail or two…

Honeymoon Beach
One of the world’s most romantic beaches, thanks to its private location in a curve of the rocks. The ideal place for a long, lazy afternoon reconnecting and an idyllic hideaway for beach picnics.

Beach Movement
A natural phenomenon on North Island, the beaches migrate around the island in a ceaseless seasonal pattern dictated by the ocean currents. Depending on the stage of the cycle at the time of your visit, some beaches will be wider or narrower than others. All however are always inviting, and their location around the island means that whichever way the maritime breezes are blowing, you will easily find a sheltered, shady spot of your own to enjoy.