North Island Experiences

North Island is so much more than a luxury holiday destination – it’s a way of life. A perfect fusion of energy and relaxation, of indulgence and wellness, of luxury and giving back.

North Island is an experience in contrasts – rough and smooth, old and new, wet and dry, casual and refined. The island literally changes colour from day to night as the palette changes from cool hues of sage, blue and turquoise to warmer shades of orange, red and coral. This daily journey through the colour spectrum inspires many of our décor and lighting details.

It’s an experience that cannot easily be distilled into a few words – it’s your own bespoke holiday experience, all about you and your perfect Island moments. The North Island team is dedicated to giving you the best possible experience, whatever that might mean to you. Every detail is carefully thought out and customized to your perfect holiday vision.

Whether you come here in search of rest or play, recuperation or exhilaration, we will make it all happen just the way you want, so that you experience North Island in your own unique way. Explore the experiences below to discover inspiration for your next luxury holiday.

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