2019 Sustainable Destinations Top 100 Winner

North Island was announced a winner in this year’s Top 100 Sustainable Destinations. Unveiled at Global Green Destinations Days (GGDD) in Croatia on 10 October 2019, the Top 100 list celebrates the efforts of tourism destinations for responsible and sustainable travel.

“We are honoured to have been recognised in these prestigious awards that shine a light on important issues facing our industry. We sincerely hope to inspire others around the world by demonstrating that luxury with a conscience exists. Sustainability lies at the heart of North Island’s philosophy, where our goal is to offer the highest standards of hospitality against a backdrop of eco-friendly practices,” says CJ Havemann, North Island’s Environment Manager.

Whilst simultaneously creating one of the world’s most exclusive private-island destinations, North Island has safeguarded the island’s environment and its rich biodiversity, transforming it into a haven for endangered fauna and flora. Now well into its second decade, the ‘Noah’s Ark’ rehabilitation project has made substantial progress towards restoring this natural paradise, where rare species such as the Seychelles White-eye, Giant Aldabra Tortoise and Hawksbill Turtle flourish once more.

North Island Turtle Hatchling

The concept of sustainable travel on North Island was preceded by years of research and meticulous attention to detail in the design of the island’s low-impact offering and pioneering conservation programmes, in an ongoing commitment to ensuring the protection of the island’s fragile ecosystem.

Extensive information was provided to the Sustainable Top 100 Team, who evaluated worldwide nominations alongside members of the Top 100 International Committee and country experts, coordinated by Green Destinations. The annual competition is organised by the Partnership for the Top 100 and the ITB Earth Award. To learn more about the awards, please visit http://sustainabletop100.org.

About North Island: WWW.NORTH-ISLAND.COM
  • North Island is Africa’s most exclusive private island, situated 30km from the main island of Mahé, Seychelles. Extremely secluded with only 11 spacious guest villas, North Island is renowned for its luminous white beaches, filigree reefs and azure Indian Ocean.
  • North Island offers an unrivalled experience where luxury, bespoke service and a generous all-inclusive offering combine to give guests the ultimate privacy and exclusivity.
  • On land or in water, the choices on North Island are many and varied – from exploring the cool forest trails by foot, bicycle or private buggy to snorkelling, diving, kayaking, fishing expeditions and romantic sunset boat cruises.
  • North Island is a sanctuary where natural habitats, long neglected, were rehabilitated so that endangered Seychelles fauna and flora could be reintroduced and given a place to grow and thrive.

Contact information

PO Box 1176, Victoria,
Mahé Seychelles
Telephone: +248 4293 100,
Fax: +248 4293 150,
email: info@north-island.com

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