Top 5 Yoga Spots on North Island

Private yoga classes are available at anytime and anywhere on the Island, from the privacy of your villa to the comfort of the air-conditioned North Island Gym. From the shores of West Beach to the peaks of Spa Hill, the choice is yours. Here are our top 5 yoga spots on the Island:

1.      The Yoga Deck at the North Island Gym

Breath in the views from the yoga deck as our instructors help you master the art of breathing. Outdoor classes at the Gym allow you to switch off the mind and feel connected to nature on North Island. If practicing yoga in the warmth of the Seychelles feels too close to Bikram for you, you can move inside and enjoy the cool air-conditioning of the North Island Gym.

2.      In the privacy of your Villa

There’s no need to leave your villa, we can come to you. Every villa has its own yoga kit, including an eco-friendly cork yoga mat. At 450m2, there are so many spaces to stretch out your muscles in the villa, from the outdoor deck overlooking the ocean to a shady spot in the garden. You can even convert a space within the air-conditioned study into your very own yoga studio.

3.      On a Standup Paddleboard

For an extra dose of “Vitamin Sea”, those who enjoy a challenge can try their hand at yoga while balancing on a stand-up paddleboard. It’s easier than you think in the tranquil bay in front of the Piazza and you don’t need to worry too much about falling into water that can reach temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius. Intensify your focus, find your stability and concentrate on core strength while having fun on a SUP in the Seychelles.

4.      In front of the Dive Centre

The deck in front of the Dive Centre overlooks the Indian Ocean. Here, you can strengthen and tone your body while being present in the moment. Lift your sit bones, extend your spine and look between your ankles in a Downward Dog pose – you’ll see the place where the sky meets the sea, not a yoga studio wall.

5.      At the far-end of the Pool

Walk through the leafy green canopy that leads to the main swimming pool built into the granitic rock…keep going, you’ll come to a secluded place at the base of Spa Hill that looks back across the bay onto the Island. A beautiful location for where you can focus on stillness, openness and awareness. After a good workout, stop off at the Piazza to rehydrate with a refreshing fruit smoothie.