The privacy and seclusion of Honeymoon Beach

By March 18, 2015 March 29th, 2017 Destination, Landscape, Nature, North Island, Travel


Honeymoon Beach is one of five gorgeous and naturally unspoilt beaches on North Island. It is in a small natural bay accessible by an easy walk along a rocky path and is an extremely popular spot for private picnics, particularly after a moderate hike over Bernica Hill, one of the Island’s three granite peaks. On arrival at Honeymoon Beach, guests discover their “beach lounge,” along with a basket filled with crusty homemade breads, cheeses, artisanal charcuteries, dips and pâtés. What better way to spend to spend an afternoon than lazing in the sun, sipping on champagne and falling asleep under the shade of a palm tree?

Seven years to the day from when they originally married on North Island, a couple returned to renew their vows, side by side on the beautiful and private Honeymoon Beach. On their wedding day, they had witnessed a lone hawksbill turtle hatch during the ceremony and crawl between their bare feet on its way to the ocean as they were exchanging vows. It was fitting that a turtle, a symbol for persistence and longevity, would bless a young couple’s nuptials. Nicholas, our General Manager performed a North Island fire ritual and the couple reaffirmed their commitment.

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