North Island is a conservation-oriented, ethically driven company inspired by specific philosophies:

For North Island

  • Always honour the environment in which we live and work above all else.
  • Our unceasing endeavour shall be to turn back the ecological clock.

For Our Guests

  • We will spoil you and make you feel special.
  • We will respect your needs and your expectations.
  • We will strive to provide you with a unique educational experience.
  • We will invite you to participate in our conservation programmes.

For Our Staff

  • We recognise that you are one of our prime resources and a valued intermediary between the environment, our guests and our partners.
  • We will share the experience of this journey with you.
  • We will encourage and train you to acquire valuable life skills.

For the Company

  • We will constantly endeavour to improve and innovate.
  • We undertake to add value to the environment in which we live, for the benefit of North Island, Seychelles, our guests, our partners and those who work for us.
  • In the management of our affairs we shall always conduct ourselves with integrity.
  • We shall not submit to any request that compromises our philosophies.