Meet Peter Marunya

Peter Marunya, our Villa Supervisor, is a stalwart of North Island. Peter joined the team as a Villa Attendant in 2004 and spent over a decade honing his housekeeping skills before being promoted to Villa Supervisor in 2015. He knows North Island’s standards like the back of his hand and he ensures that these are adhered to every day.

Peter has been part of the broader Wilderness Safaris family for even longer. From 2000 to 2004, he worked in Wilderness camps in Zimbabwe, where he was born and bred, before he was personally recommended by Wilderness Safaris’ CEO, Keith Vincent, to North Island’s current Managing Director, Bruce Simpson.

Peter is incredibly experienced, has an eye for detail, is extremely efficient and loves interacting with guests. He has a big heart, a warm smile, and an infectious laugh. Peter is there to welcome every guest to their home away from home and checks every villa to guarantee that it is perfect prior to arrival. He also pops in during one’s stay to check that everything is as just it should be.

Loved and respected by guests and staff alike, Peter made the perfect candidate for the Supervisor role. He looks after the Housekeeping team and he also oversees the Laundry and Public Areas. When he is not busy behind the scenes discreetly ensuring that the villa experience is seamless, he loves to light a fire and enjoy a fish barbecue in the staff village with his good friends. Peter cherishes the community on North Island and considers them family in his own home away from home.