Meet Nina Elfinger

By November 30, 2017 Beautiful Faces of North

Nina is a qualified doctor from Germany who first visited North Island as an eco-tourist in 2016. She kept coming back to volunteer and after three stints, Nina decided it’s the only place she could leave home for and put her career in surgery on hold.

Nina fell in love with North Island, the environment and its people. She says, “I feel very at home here. It’s the perfect place to be”. Nina explains that she “used to volunteer for Green Peace and was a leader of a youth group, so my passion for the environment and people continues on North Island.”

Nina recently joined the North Island team as a Guest Experience Host, specifically looking after German guests, adding to the number of international languages spoken on the Island (including English, French and Russian, among others). Personalising North Island’s service on this level adds to the bespoke nature of the offering and provides that extra touch of ‘home-away-from-home’. As a Guest Experience Host, Nina plays a role in curating a guest’s experience by spoiling and surprising them and ensuring that their experience is exactly that, “theirs” – completely unique to them.

Nina loves to share what she has learnt while volunteering in the Environment department with her guests. Ongoing conservation is at the heart of North Island’s philosophy and volunteer work forms a vital part of the Noah’s Ark rehabilitation programme, focusing on three key aspects: endangered species monitoring, marine conservation and ecosystem restoration.

In Nina’s off-duty hours, she loves to submerge herself in nature. She is passionate about diving. Nina arrived on North as a PADI Open Water Diver, completed her Advanced training on the Island and is now a certified Rescue Diver.