Holistic Wellness Programme: GYROTONIC® Classes

By August 19, 2018 September 27th, 2018 North Island, Wellness

North Island’s Spa & Gym has brought onboard an international wellness practitioner, Lorelei Bulan – a certified GYROTONIC® Trainer, dance artist and Ayurveda advocate, renowned for her holistic approach to fitness and health. Lorelei will be offering two 1-hour fully-inclusive classes every day during September and October as part of our unique Holistic Wellness Programme.

The morning class focuses on stimulating the central nervous system with Spinal Motions for a taller and healthy spine as well as opening joints and expanding muscles to decompress tightness and lengthen the body in all directions. While keeping the body energised, the class strengthens abdominals with leg work and arm routines. All exercises are natural fluid movements that are gentle on the body but internally powerful.

An afternoon class helps guests unwind with meditative therapeutic breathing motions to relax the senses and silence the mind. Breathing into the chakras using circular motions calms energy centres and therapeutic movement exercises explore focus, trust, space and being grounded to the earth. Guided meditation brings oneself to unity of the mind, body and soul.

Additional GYROTONIC® classes are also available on a one-on-one basis as an optional paid extra. Private classes are personalised to your needs in consultation with Lorelei, building a bespoke wellness program by incorporating a series of unique classes from ‘organic flexibility and balance’ to ‘meditation and unwinding’.

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email: info@north-island.com

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